TV Quiz - Soaps 2 (25 Questions)

1. Who in EastEnders had an affair with his mother in law?

2. What was Coronation Street originally going to be called?

3. What was the name of Joan Collin's character in Dynasty?

4. The Hart family appeared in which daily soap?

5. Which ex husband of Joan Collins appeared on EastEnders?

6. Who played mechanic Chris in Coronation Street and left to pursue a pop career?

7. Which Corrie star produced a fitness video called Rapid Results?

8. In Coronation Street, what was Spider's real name?

9. In which soap were Shane and Angel an item?

10. How did Kathy Glover's husband die in Emmerdale?

11. In Coronation Street what was Fiona's baby called?

12. Where did Kathy Mitchell go when she left Albert Square?

13. What form of transport did Cindy use to leave for France in EastEnders?

14. Who did Dannii Minogue play in Home & Away?

15. Which Kemp joined Ross Kemp on the EastEnders cast?

16. In Corrie which of the Battersby girls is Janice's daughter?

17. Which Kim disappeared from Emmerdale and was thought to have been murdered?

18. Which soap did Silent Witness star Amanda Burton appear in?

19. Which TV company first produced Emmerdale Farm?

20. Which role did Norman Bowler play in Emmerdale?

21. Who left Albert Square for America but returned as a director of the soap?

22. Which member of Emmerdale's Dingle family went on to present You've Been Framed?

23. Who was buried under the patio in Brookside?

24. Which TV comedian's daughter is in the radio soap The Archers?

25. Whose son in Corrie was once played by his real son Linus?


Quiz Answers

1. Grant Mitchell

2. Florizel Street

3. Alexis Carrington

4. Family Affairs

5. Anthony Newley

6. Matthew Marsden

7. Beverley Callard

8. Geoffrey

9. Homa and Away

10. In a fire

11. Morgan

12. South Africa

13. Eurostar

14. Emma

15. Martin

16. Toyah

17. Tate

18. Brookside

19. Yorkshire TV

20. Frank Tate

21. Susan Tully (Michelle Fowler)

22. Mandy

23. Trevor Jordache

24. Jasper Carrot

25. William Roache's