Think you know your Emmerdale facts? 


1. What's the name of Emmerdale's creator?

2. What was the first dialogue spoken in the show?

3. Who did Joanie shoot?

4. What did Zoe Tate do for a job?

5. In what year did the plane crash over Emmerdale?

6. Who married Dee De La Cruz?

7. What was the name of Jack Sugden's first wife?

8. What's the name of the character George Sampson played on the show?

9. The song 'Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll' by the cast of Emmerdale got to #5 on the U.K charts. What did they call themselves as a band?

10. What show was Anne Charleston casted on before appearing in Emmerdale? 

11. Who did Viv Windsor end up marrying?

12. When Belle killed her friend Gemma, how long was she told she'd be in custody for?

13. Who was the £70,000 Alicia received really meant for?

14. Who did Emily Symons play in Emmerdale for seven years?

15. Who owns the B&B, The Grange?




1. Kevin Laffan.

2. "Matt, who's she?"

3. Sam.

4. She was a vet.

5. The year 1993.

6. Eric Pollard.

7. Pat Merrick.

8. Ryan.

9. 'The Woolpackers'.

10. Neighbours.  

11. Bob Hope.

12. Three years.

13. Leyla.

14. Louise Appleton.

15. Eric Pollard and Diane Sugden.