Worktime TV Teaser Quiz - Commercials

Quiz Questions

1. Which female comedy double act advertise Kingsmill bread?

2. Which vodka ad features a piano playing dog?

3. Which Brummie comic had a Commercial Breakdown?

4. What drink did Lorraine Chase sip at Luton Airport?

5. What was Softness is a Thing called?

6. Terry Brooks was the first lad to play which commercial cowboy?

7. 'Born To Be With You' is the song accompanying which car commercial?

8. What was the name of Katies' husband in the long-running Oxo ads?

9. Which advertising animals made their debuts in 1956?

10. Which car ad promises: 'You can take the car out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the car?

11. Which was the first commercial to be shown on British television?

12. What do Lambrini girls just want to have?

13. Which coffee saga originated in 1988?

14. What was the name of Maureen Lipman's British Telecom mother?

15. Which action man jumped on to moving trains and swung from helicopters just to deliver a box of chocolates?

16. Which cat food did Arthur promote?

Worktime TV Teaser Commercials Answers

1. Mel and Sue

2. Smirnoff

3. Jasper Carrott

4. Campari

5. Comfort

6. The Milky Bar Kid

7. Volkswagon Polo

8. Philip

9. Brooke Bond chimps

10. Nissan Micra

11. Gibbs SR toothpaste

12. Fun

13. Gold Blend

14. Beattie

15. The Milk Tray Man

16. Kattomeat