Comedy TV Quiz Questions

1. As played by Brian Murphy, what did Lester Small do for a living?

2. How Do You View? was a 1949 showcase for which gap-toothed comic?

3. Paul and Barry Elliot are better known as which comedy duo?

4. Which American played Bill Hooper in Nobody's Perfect?

5. Who lent their initials to Channel 4's S and M?

6. Who was Waiting For God as Diana Trent?

7. Which Iconic comedian had his own Happy Hour in 2001?

8. Who wrote The Savages?

9. Which Seventies show launched the careers of Jim Bowen, Bernard Manning and Ken Goodwin?

10. Which series had its origins in a stage play entitled The Banana Box?

11. Who told Staggering Stories?

12. Which two Browns were regulars on Who Do You Do?

13. Which former model starred opposite John Standing in The Other 'Arf?

14. Who blacked up to play Rangi Ram in It Ain't Half Hot Mum?

15. In Sickness and In Health was the sequel to which controversial sitcom?

16. Who was Audrey fforbes-Hamilton's best friend?


Comedy TV Quiz Answers

1. Driving Instructor

2. Terry-Thomas

3. The Chuckle Brothers

4. Elaine Stritch

5. Tony Slattery and Mike McShane

6. Stephanie Cole

7. Jack Dee

8. Simon Nye

9. The Comedians

10. Rising Damp

11. Ferdinand De Bargos

12. Faith Brown and Janet Brown

13. Lorraine Chase

14. Michael Bates

15. Till Death Do Us Part

16. Marjory Frobisher