1. Who works his futuristic three-day week at Spacely Space Sprockets?

2. Who is the Captain of the Trumpton fire brigade?

3. Which Magpie presenter was the daughter of a star of the ITMA radio series?

4. What kind of creature was Gentle Ben?

5. Which US state was the setting for Flipper?

6. Which satellite channel offers viewers the chance to Watch Your Own Wednesday?

7. Who presents ITV's Art Attack?

8. Which fictional village would you visit to meet Alf Thompson and Granny Dryden?

9. Who had a 1984 hit with the Fraggle Rock theme?

10. Which children's series is set in a youth club in the North East of England?

11. What colour hair grows on Edd the Duck's head?

12. What name was given to the masked character who threw custard pies around in TISWAS?

13. In Thunderbirds, what make and colour was Lady Penelope's car?

14. Which human originally appeared with Gordon the Gopher?

15. Which programme began; 'Here is a house; Here is a door; Windows one, two, three, four...'?



1. George Jetson

2. Captain Flack

3. Jenny Hanley

4. A bear

5. Florida

6. Nickelodeon

7. Neil Buchanan

8. Greendale

9. The Fraggles

10. Byker Grove

11. Green

12. The Phantom Flan Flinger

13. Rolls-Royce and it was pink

14. Phillip Schofield

15. Play School