1. Which one-time Albert Square resident was a counsellor for the Samaritans?

2. Who set the Dagmar on fire?

3. Which Queen Vic landlady was backed by the Simon May orchestra on her biggest chart hit?

4. Who left Grange Hill for Tucker's Luck and eventually ended up on the East End market?

5. Why did Pete Beale lose his driving license?

6. Which Albert Square resident was a bit of a fortune-teller and very fond of her pet pug, Willy?

7. Which fictitious London Borough is the soap's setting?

8. Which husband and wife team originally ran the cafe?

9. Which rather sorry character did Michelle Fowler jilt at the alter only to marry in a later episode?

10. The beer served at The Vic is supplied by which brewery?

11. Which family live at No 45 Albert Square?

12. Who was later revealed to be responsible for the death of Reg Cox in episode one?

13. What was the name of the teenage band formed by Sharon Watts and Kelvin Carpenter?

14. What was the title of the show's 'prequel' spin-off, screened in 1988, that looked back to the Albert Square of 1942?

15. Which former barman topped the charts with his recording of Every Loser Wins in 1986?



1. Kathy (Beale) Mitchell

2. 'Dirty' Den Watts

3. Anita Dobson

4. Todd Carty

5. For drink driving

6. Ethel Skinner

7. Walford E20

8. Ali and Sue Osman

9. Lofty Holloway

10. Luxford & Copley

11. It is the home of the Beale family and also was once the home of the Fowler family.

12. 'Nasty' Nick Cotton

13. The Banned

14. Divvy Street

15. Nick Berry