1. Where did Bet Gilroy first work on The Street?

2. What was the brewery's scheme to update the Rovers which outraged the regulars and how did Bet thwart their plans?

3. Bet's Trucker boyfriend Charlie entered her into a lookalike contest as which country and western star?

4. Anita Dobson starred in an ill-fated sitcom. What was her job and what was the series called?

5. Elsie Tanner walked up the aisle with US airman Steve Tanner, but which Coronation Street regular did she turn down twice?

6. A youthful John Alderton starred in Emergency - Ward 10, but can you name two series in which he starred with his wife Pauline Collins?

7. Why did Brookside's devoted dad Billy Corkhill receive a three-month suspended sentence?

8. What method did Hilda Ogden use to predict the future?

9. Craig McLachlan started off as Henry in Neighbours but went on to star in which other soap?

10. Which soap star appeared with Hylda Baker and Roger Howlett in the sitcom Not On Your Nellie?

11. Who did Stephanie Beacham play in Dynasty?

12. Which actor originally played Emmerdale's Jack Sugden?

13. Who donned power suits and shoulder pads to be transformed into one of soap's biggest superbitches for her role in Dynasty?

14. Who was Annie Sudden's wastrel husband?

15. Who is Coronation Street's only original character?



1.  Raincoat factory

2. A Yankee theme pub but Bet staged a sit-in to stop them

3. Dolly Parton

4. Hairdresser - Split Ends

5. Len Fairclough

6. Upstairs, Downstairs and Forever Green

7. He attacked Peter Montague, the geography teacher with whom daughter Tracy was having an affair

8. Reading the tea leaves

9. Home and Away

10. Wendy Richard

11. Sable Colby

12. Andrew Burt

13. Joan Collins

14. Jacob

15. Ken Barlow