1. What does the G stand for in WYSIWYG?

2. In which decade was the Sony Walkman stereo launched?

3. Which phone company adopted a colour name before going into the red?

4. Which UK motor company produced the Prefect?

5. What kind of codes did American supermarkets introduce in the mid 70's

6. Oftel regulates which industry?

7. What does the B stand for in IBM?

8. The Three Mile Island nuclear leak in the 70's was in which country?

9. What did pirate radio stations broadcast?

10. Which Bill formed Microsoft?

11. Which 'unsinkable' craft sank in 1912?

12. Which Clarence pioneered quick freezing freezing in the food industry?

13. The tallest tower of the 70s, the Sears Tower, was built in which country?

14. Foods will not brown in what type of oven?

15. What used to go round at thirty three and a third r.p.m?

16. In which decade was the Channel Tunnel first opened?

17. What did Lazlo Biro invent in 30s?

18. The wide-bodied passenger carrying Boeing 747 became known as what type of get?

19. Which popular small car was introduced by Austin Morris at the end of the 50s?

20. Which country combined with Britain in building Concorde?

21. What touches the surface of a CD when playing?

22. What does the F stand for in FM?

23. The Sony company originated in which company?

24. Modular-Demodulator is usually shortened to what?

25. What was the middle name of TV pioneer John Baird?



1. Get

2. 70s

3. Bar codes

4. Orange

5. Ford

6. Telecommunications

7. Business

8. United States

9. Pop music

10. Gates

11. Titanic

12. Birdseye

13. United States

14. Microwave

15. Long playing records

16. 90s

17. Ballpoint pen

18. Jumbo

19. Mini

20. France

21. Nothing

22. Frequency

23. Japan

24. Modem

25. Logie