1. What is the highest number on a roulette wheel?
  2. What is pontoon called when it is played in a casino?
  3. In the game of craps, what is the first shoot or throw of the dice called?
  4. At a race meeting, what is the call over?
  5. What game has suits called bamboos, characters and circles?
  6. In which card game are the expressions 'for his nob' and 'for his heels' used?
  7. Which American state is famous for its gambling casinos?
  8. Which game is the modern version of Pope Joan sometimes called Michigan or Saratoga in the United States and Boodle or Stops in Britain?
  9. In poker, which hand is more valuable, flush or full house?  
  10. What is 'form' in horse-racing?
  11. Which of Ian Flemming's Bond books describes the glittering world of gambling?
  12. In baccarat, what is a 'natural'?
  13. Keno is an American casino form of which game?
  14. The 1965 film The Cincinnati Kid starred Edward G. Robinson and Steve McQueen. Around which card game did the role revolve?
  15. What is a 'straight up' bet in roulette?
  16. What, in a casino, is a croupier?
  17. What, in a casino, is a kibitzer?
  18. In bingo, what number would a caller be giving if he said 'Key of the door'?
  19. If you saw the letters 'EP' against the name of a runner on a greyhound racecard, what would it mean?
  20. When playing craps, who is the 'shooter'?
  21. What does it mean when a player in blackjack decides to 'stand'?
  22. In the game of roulette, what is a bet on numbers 1-18 called?
  23. What is the main object of the popular card game of pontoon?
  24. At a race meeting, what is an 'also ran'?
  25. According to the old song, all the girls used to wink and eye at 'The man who broke the bank...' where ?


  1.  36 (thirty-six)
  2. Blackjack
  3. The comeout
  4. Naming of horses with the latest betting odds
  5. Mah Jong
  6. Cribbage
  7. Nevada
  8. Newmarket
  9. Full house
  10. The record of performance of what a horse has and has not achieved
  11. Casino Royale
  12. A score or 8 or 9 with two cards
  13. Bingo
  14. Stud Poker
  15. A bet on a single number
  16. An employee who runs the game
  17. An onlooker
  18. 21 (twenty-one)
  19. Early pace
  20. The first person to throw the dice
  21. The player takes no more cards
  22. Manque
  23. To score 21 or as near as possible
  24. A horse that has finished out of the money
  25. Monte Carlo