1. Which horse won the Grand National three times?
  2. Which famous American horse race is nicknamed 'Run For The Roses' because the winner receives a garland of roses in the shape of a horse shoe?
  3. What is a baby horse called?
  4. When riding, what are 'aids'?
  5. In a rodeo, bronco riding is a standard event. What is the only piece of tack worn by the horse?
  6. What is a drag-hunt?
  7. Which extremely successful racehorse, bred by the Aga Khan, disappeared and was never seen again?
  8. Lucinda Green is a well-known British rider in Horse trials and holds the record for the most wins at the Badminton Horse. What was her double-barrelled maiden name?
  9. Three major races make up the legendary American Triple Crown. Two are the Preakness Stakes and the Kentucky Derby. What is the third race?
  10. Which major horse race, inaugurated in 1861, is held in Australia on the first Tuesday in November?
  11. What is the unit of measurement used for horses?
  12. The horse Milton won the King George V Gold Cup in 1990 and the Volvo World Cup in 1990-91, among other competitions. Who was its British rider?
  13. What are a horse's parents called?
  14. How can a horse's age be determined?
  15. On which British race course is Boxing Day's King George VI steeplechase held?
  16. In polo, what is a chukka?
  17. How many fences are here in the Grand National?
  18. In show jumping, how many penalty points are awarded if the rider falls off?
  19. How did the Derby get it's name?
  20. What, on the race-track, is an 'outsider'?
  21. What type of horse is a 'stayer'?
  22. How old is a filly?
  23. Early races in America were sprints over short distances. Which famous breed was developed for the purpose?
  24. In raving, what is a 'maiden'?
  25. What happens in the rules of show jumping when two or more riders have tied for first place?



  1. Red Rum
  2. Kentucky Derby
  3. A foal
  4. Any signals used by the rider to give instructions to the horse
  5. A wide leather band round it's middle, with a handhold
  6. A hunt using an artificial scent
  7. Shergar
  8. Prior-Palmer
  9. Belmont Stakes
  10. Melbourne Cup
  11. Hand
  12. John Whittaker
  13. Sire and Dam
  14. By examining its teeth
  15. Kempton Park
  16. The 4-6 periods into which the game is divided
  17. 30, over two circuits
  18. Eight
  19. On the toss of a coin between Lord Derby and Sir Charles Bunbury
  20. A horse thought to have little chance of winning a race and therefore given long betting odds
  21. A horse with great strength and endurance
  22. Less than four years
  23. The Quarter Horse
  24. A horse of either sex which has not yet run a race
  25. A jump-off