Sport Quiz - Hot Wheels (25 Questions)

1. What does TT stand for in the Isle of Man races?

2. Who first had a record breaking car and a boat called Bluebird?

3. Which is the nearest motor racing track to Towcester?

4. Which team did Jim Clark spend all his racing career with?

5. How many people are in the car in drag racing?

6. Which Belgian cyclist was known as 'The Cannibal'?

7. How many times did Stirling Moss win the world championships?

8. In which country was the first organised car race?

9. Which Labour Party supporter is the head of Formula 1?

10. By 1993 which French driver had won 51 Grand Prix from 199 starts?

11. Which ex world champion was killed at the San Marino Grand Prix in 1993?

12. Which motor racing Park is east of Chester?

13. What type of racing is known in the US as Demolition Derbies?

14. How frequently does the Tour de France take place?

15. Who was the first man to be world champion on two and four wheels?

16. What relation was Emerson to Christian Fittipaldi?

17. Which Japanese team won its first F1 Grand Prix in 1967?

18. Who was the first man to win a Grand Prix in a car he designed?

19. Who was Williams' highest placed driver in 1995?

20. In 1994 who was the first Austrian to win the German Grand Prix since Niki Lauda?

21. Which Briton was the first world driver's champion to win Le Mans, in 1972?

22. In which country did the first mountain bike world championship take place?

23. Which Briton did Alain Prost overtake for a record number of Grand Prix wins?

24. Which was the first manufacturer to have over 100 Grand Prix wins?

25. Which famous British car won the Monte Carlo rally in 1967?


Quiz Answers

1. Tourist Trophy

2. Malcolm Campbell

3. Silverstone

4. Lotus

5. One

6. Eddie Merckx

7. Never

8. France

9. Bernie Ecclestone

10. Alain Prost

11. Ayrton Senna

12. Oulton Park

13. Stock car racing

14. Annually

15. John Surtees

16. Uncle

17. Honda

18. Jack Brabham

19. Damon Hill

20. Gerhard Berger

21. Graham Hill

22. France

23. Jackie Stewart

24. Ferrari

25. Mini