1.  For which country does City's Paulo Wanchope play international football?

2.  Which three City players scored hat-tricks in the 10-1 win over Huddersfield in 1987?

3.  Who kept goal for Cityin the 1969 FA Cup final?

4.  From which club did City sign Colin Bell?

5.  How many managerial changes have City made since the war?

6.  Which son of a former player did City sign from Swindon for £1.5 million in 1994?

7.  Behind whom were City Division Two runners-up in 1988-9?

8.  Who did City beat in the 1904 FA Cup final?

9.  From which club did City sign Tony Book?

10.  Who succeeded Malcolm Allison as manager in 1980?

11.  Which Scottish international moved from Huddersfield to Maine Road for £55,000 in 1960?

12.  Whose transfer from Wolves to City for £1.4 million in September 1979 smashed the British record fee?

13.  Who was City's top scorer in 1998-9?

14.  How many League games did Nicky Weaver play for his previous club, Mansfield Town?

15.  Which Norwich City striker cost City £1.25 million in March 1980?

16.  On which island was Shaun Goater born?



1.  Costa Rica

2.  David White, Paul Stewart and Tony Adcock

3.  Harry Dowd

4.  Bury

5.  24

6.  Nicky Summerbee

7.  Chelsea

8.  Bolton Wanderers

9.  Plymouth Argyle

10.  John Bond

11.  Denis Law

12.  Steve Daley

13.  Shaun Goater

14.  One

15.  Kevin Reeves

16.  Bermuda

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