1.  What is the playing time of a Rugby League match?

2.  How many intervals does an American football game have?

3.  Walter Payton has been called the greatest-ever American football player.  What is his nickname?

4.  Which was the first British football club to win the European Cup?

5.  What is the Argentinean soccer player Maradona's given name?

6.  Which is larger, the Canadian or the American football field?

7.  In 1990, West Germany won soccer's World Cup.  Which team won in 1986?

8.  Which country's rugby football team is called the All Blacks?

9.  When footballer Paul Gascoigne transferred from Tottenham Hotspur I'm 1991-2, the fee was £5.5 million.  Where did he transfer to?

10.  Which American football coach was known as Papa Bear?

11.  Which major sporting event bagel on 17th June, 1994 at Soldier Field in Chicago?

12.  In the sport of soccer, a yellow card shown to a player means a caution.  What does a red card actually mean?

13.  Where is the home of the American football team, the Cardinals?

14.  In American football, how many players from each team join the scrimmage line?

15.   Which two teams played the 1993 FA Cup at Wembley?

16.  On what shape of pitch is Australian rules football played?

17.  Arsenal is the team that has appeared most often in the FA Cup Final.  How many times?

18.  Which year was the first Olympic Games at which an official football tournament was played?

19.  How many substitutes in American football?

20.  Which country won the 6th European Football Championship for Women?

21.  Mick Buckhurst joined a leading NFL club in the United States and became one of their star players; in 1984 he became their all-time leading scorer.  Name his team.

22.  Rugby Union has two teams of 15 players; how many players does each team in Rugby League have?

23.  Name the German soccer star who led West Germany to victory over Holland in the World Cup, then managed the team that defeated Argentina in 1990.

24.  Which country introduced Rugby League in 1990 and sent a 90-man squad on a three-month tour of Britain?

25.  Which country kept the Jules Rimet Trophy, the first World Cup trophy, for good in 1970 after winning it three times out of four?



1.  80 minutes plus one interval

2.  One long and two short

3.  Sweetness

4. Celtic

5.  Diego

6.  Canadian

7.  Argentina

8.  New Zealand

9.  Lazio, Italy

10.  George Halas

11.  Football World Cup

12.  The player is sent off

13.  Phoenix, Arizona

14.  At least seven

15.  Arsenal and Sheffield Wednesday

16.  Oval

17.  12

18.  1908

19.  An unlimited number

20.  Norway

21.  Atlanta Falcons

22.  13

23.  Franz Beckenbauer

24.  Russia

25.  Brazil