1. Deficiency of what causes anaemia?

2. How many square metres in a hectare?

3. How much does a carat weight?

4. Impurities of which metal make rubies red and emeralds green?

5. Of what is somatology the study?

6. What are the six main vitamins?

7. What does RAM stand for?

8. What does ROM stand for?

9. What instrument does a surveyor use to measure horizontal and vertical angles?

10. What instrument measures the intensity of an earthquake?

11. What name is given to a student of earthquakes?

12. What is the chemical symbol for lead?

13. What is the common name for the tree known as the arbutus?

14. What is the common name of the bird Troglodytes troglodytes?

15. What is the common name for the flower convallaria?



1. Iron

2. 10,000

3. 0.2 grammes

4. Chromium oxide

5. The body

6. A,B,C,D,E and K

7. Random Access Memory

8. Read Only Memory

9. A theodolite

10. The seismograph

11. Seismologist

12. Pb

13. Strawberry

14. Wren

15. Lily of the valley