1. From which creature was sepia originally obtained?

2. How many feet are there in a chain?

3. How many more bones are there in the human arm than the human leg?

4. What colour is amethyst?

5. What did Foucault's pendulum prove?

6. What did John Dunlop invent in 1888?

7. What does a hygrometer meure?

8. What does an ammeter measure?

9. What garden implement was invented in the 1830s by Edwin Budding?

10. What is the definition of a straight line?

11. What is the name of the geological fault that runs down the west coast of California?

12. What is the name of the medical condition that made swimmer Duncan Goodhew bald?

13. What is the scientific name for the white of an egg?

14. What type of creature is a Vicuna?

15. What weapon did Robert Whitehead invent in 1866?



1. Cuttlefish

2. 66

3. One

4. Purple

5. That the Earth rotates

6. The pneumonic tyre

7. Humidity

8. Electric current

9. The lawnmower

10. The shortest distance between two points

11. The San Andreas Fault

12. Alopecia

13. Albumen

14. A llama

15. The torpedo