1. In which layer of the atmosphere does the ozone layer occur?

2. Which of the following did Benjamin Hall invent in 1900: the tractor, the safety pin or the zipper?

3. What was first constructed at Artois in France to obtain water fro between layers of rock?

4. Which element has the symbol Au?

5. The Ripplecraft was the original name for which vehicle?

6. What is measured in Hertz?

7. Who was the English motor manufacturer who died a baron in 1941 and who pioneered the small motor car?

8. Which Scottish chemist founded the mineral oil industry of Scotland?

9. Which of the following were invented by a Greek Philo in 250 BC: Nails, springs or screws?

10. Which French educationalist perfected a system of reading for the blind?

11. What is the colour of the mineral beryl when it contains chromium?

12. Who, in 1929, propounded the Big Band Theory?

13. What is the longest side of a right-angled triangle?

14. What colour does an alkali change litmus paper to?

15. What is the common name for calcium carbonate?



1. Stratosphere

2. The tractor

3. An artisan well

4. Gold

5. The hovercraft

6. Frequency

7. 1st Baron Austin

8. James Young

9. Springs

10. Louis Braille

11. Green

12. Edwin Hubble

13. Hypotenuse

14. Blue

15. Chalk