1. King Edward VIII gave up the British throne to marry an American divorcee. What was her name ?
  2. Whom did filmstar Grace Kelly marry in 1956 ?
  3. Queen Victoria proposed marriage to her cousin Prince Albert at Windsor in 1839. What nationality was he ?
  4. Who married Robert Browning at a London church, in the utmost secrecy, because her father disapproved of the match ?
  5. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fell passionately in love when they were filming a motion picture epic. What was the film ?
  6. Who was known as the cinema screen's first 'great lover', star of The Sheikh ?
  7. Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart were known as a devoted couple. Her friends have always called her by her given name, rather than by the glamorous 'Lauren'. What is that name ?
  8. The close relationship between Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn lasted 25 years. In 1967 they made their last film together, 'Guess who's coming to Dinner'. Who was coming to dinner ?
  9. The man reputed to be the greatest lover of all time lived in the 18th century and his name has passed into the language. Who was he ?
  10. Who was the love of the Emperor Napoleon's life ?
  11. Which two royal lovers, parents of the young Princes William and Harry, announced their separation in 1992 ?
  12. When Lord Nelson died, one of his last requests was 'Take care of my dear Lady Hamilton'. What was her first name ?
  13. Who did, the assassinated president John F. Kennedy's widow marry, in 1968 ?
  14. Which film actress fed her image as a blonde sex symbol with lines like 'Come up and see me sometime', and 'I never set out to make men a career, it just happened that way!' ?
  15. Nell Gwyn won the heart of England's 'Merry Monarch'. Who was he ?
  16. Which of Henry VIII's wives died soon after the birth of her baby while she was still the object of the king's love ?
  17. Both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony loved Cleopatra. When she ascended the throne she was formally married to a relative. Who was he ?
  18. What is the name of the village in Scotland where runaway English couples were once married over the blacksmith's anvil ?
  19. Who is the patron saint of lovers ?
  20. Name the well-known singer who is Andrew Lloyd Webber's second wife, and who starred in Phantom of the Opera.
  21. Of which French King was Madame de Pompadour the influential mistress ?
  22. Which group of people were associated with the saying 'Make love, not war' ?
  23. Which world famous baseball star married Marilyn Monroe in 1954 ?
  24. Winston Churchill married in 1908 and wrote that he and his wife 'lived happily ever after'. What was her Christian name ?
  25. Mary Queen of Scots supposedly wrote the 'Casket Letters' to her lover with whom she plotted to kill her husband. Name the recipient of the letters.


  1. Mrs Wallis Simpson
  2. Prince Rainier of Monaco
  3. German
  4. Elizabeth Barrett
  5. Cleopatra
  6. Rudolph Valentino
  7. Betty
  8. Their daughter's black fiancé
  9. Casanova
  10. Josephine
  11. The Prince and Princess of Wales
  12. Emma
  13. Aristotle Onassis
  14. Mae West
  15. Charles II
  16. Jane Seymour
  17. Her brother, Ptolemy
  18. Gretna Green
  19. Saint Valentine
  20. Sarah Brightman
  21. Louis XV
  22. Hippies
  23. Joe DiMaggio
  24. Clemantine
  25. Earl of Bothwell