People and Places - Unforgettables (25 Questions)

1. Which member of T Rex died exactly the same day as Maria Callas?

2. Which part of the brilliant Albert Einstein was preserved after his death?

3. Which Princesses and former film star died in a car crash near Monte Carlo in 1982?

4. How many times did Greta (I want to be alone) Garbo marry?

5. Linda McCartney launched a range of what type of food?

6. Which opera singer's real name was Maria Kalogeropoulos?

7. Yitzhak Rabin was Prime Minister of which country when he was assassinated in 1995?

8. Which Yuri made the first human journey into space?

9. Which fuel made millions for J. Paul Getty?

10. How was Argentinian revolutionary Ernesto Guevara de la Serna better known?

11. Charles de Gaulle was President of which European country?

12. Who was the youngest US President to die in office?

13. T.E.Lawrence's name is mostly associated with which country?

14. Yehudi Menuhin was famous for playing which musical instrument?

15. Glenn Miller's plane disappeared during which war?

16. Which blonde icon made her name in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

17. Fans visit Graceland in the USA to pay tribute to which rock legend?

18. In which country did Mother Theresa found her mission to help the destitute?

19. Who was the first Queen of England in the 20th century?

20. What was the name of the musical about rock legend Buddy Holly?

21. Who killed Cleopatra?

22. To the nearest five years, how old would John Lennon have been in 2000?

23. Which knighted Man Utd manager switched on the Blackpool illuminations in 1968?

24. John Wayne had an airport named after him in his home country.  Where is it?

25. Which British born veteran American comedian Bob received a knighthood in 1998?


Quiz Answers

1. Marc Bolan

2. Brain

3. Grace

4. Never

5. Vegetarian

6. Maria Callas

7. Israel

8. Gagarin

9. Oil

10. Che Guevara

11. France

12. Kennedy

13. Arabia

14. Violin

15. World War II

16. Marilyn Monroe

17. Elvis Presley

18. India

19. Victoria

20. Buddy

21. Cleopatra

22. 60

23. Matt Busby

24. USA

25. Hope