Past Times - The 80s (25 Questions)

1. Which serving British PM survived an assassination attempt?

2. In which city did the SAS storm the Iranian embassy?

3. Edwina Currie resigned over what type of farm food?

4. Which Ben was disqualified from the Seoul Olympics for drug taking?

5. In which sea did the oil rig Piper Alpha catch fire?

6. Which north London Tube station was gutted by fire in 1987?

7. Who was Labour leader when Thatcher had her third election victory?

8. Which late Duchess's jewels were auctioned for over £30 million?

9. The Herald of Free Enterprise sank off which Belgian port?

10. President Marcos was ousted in a rebellion in which island country?

11. Desmond Tutu became Archbishop in which country?

12. Who was the second of the Queen's sons to marry in the 80's?

13. Was Zola Budd a swimmer, a runner or a gymnast?

14. At which UK station was the Live Aid concert held?

15. Which Eric, half of a classic comedy duo died in 1984?

16. Which Tory minister Cecil resigned in a scandal in 1983?

17. In which Yorkshire city's football ground was there a fatal fire in '85?

18. What is the full name of the Lib Dems, formed in 1989?

19. Sally Ride became the USA's first woman where?

20. At which common was there a camp against cruise missiles?

21. Outside which London store did a bomb explode in December 1983?

22. Which Swedish tennis star retired age 26?

23. In what type of accident was Princess Grace of Monaco killed?

24. Which soap asked the audience asked 'Who shot JR'?

25. Which war in the south Atlantic was Britain involved in?


Quiz Answers

1. Margaret Thatcher

2. London

3. Eggs

4. Johnson

5. North Sea

6. King's Cross

7. Neil Kinnock

8. Duchess of Windsor

9. Zeebrugge

10. Philippines

11. South Africa

12. Prince Andrew

13. Runner

14. Wembley

15. Morecambe

16. Parkinson

17. Bradford

18. Liberal Democrats

19. In space

20. Greenham

21. Harrods

22. Bjorn Borg

23. Car accident

24. Dallas

25. Falklands