20th Century Who's Who Quiz Questions

1. Who thought that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes?

2. Who led Iraq into the 90's Gulf War?

3. Which former cabinet minister was jailed for 18 months in 1999?

4. Who was the manager of The Beatles?

5. Which Russian introduced policies of glasnost?

6. Who became the first woman to lead a British political party?

7. Whose dresses raised £2 million for charity in a June 97 auction?

8. Which British monarch died in 1901?

9. Which 60s model was known as 'The Shrimp'?

10. Who became king of Spain in the 70s following General Franco's death?

11. Which G B wrote the play Pygmalion that was adapted into My Fair Lady?

12. Whose ancient tomb was discovered in Egypt in 1922?

13. Who was the ex peanut farmer who became US President?

14. Who delivered Labour's first budget of the 90s?

15. Who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for her work with the poor in India?

16. Which Ken was leader of the GLC?

17. Who was the man who created The Muppets?

18. Who promised he would bring 'really sexy football' to Newcastle?

19. Which Screaming Lord stood unsuccessfully in many parliamentary elections?

20. Which pop star married Linda Eastman in the 60s?

21. Who declared he had 'a dream' where all Americans would live as equals?

22. Who teamed up with Benny, Bjorn and Anni-Frid to form Abba?

23. Which Christian unveiled the New Look of the late 40s?

24. Mahatma Gandhi led the non-violent struggle for which country to break free from Britain?

25. Who formulated the theory of relativity early in the century?


Quiz Answers

1. Andy Warhol

2. Saddam Hussein

3. Jonathan Aitken

4. Brian Epstein

5. Gorbachev

6. Margaret Thatcher

7. Princess Diana

8. Victoria

9. Jean Shrimpton

10. Juan Carlos

11. Shaw

12. Tutankhamun

13. Jimmy Carter

14. Gordon Brown

15. Mother Theresa

16. Livingstone

17. Jim Henson

18. Ruud Gullit

19. Sutch

20. Paul McCartney

21. Martin Luther King

22. Agnetha

23. Dior

24. India

25. Albert Einstein