1. Which Bob Dylan song gave Cher her first solo success?

2. Which track, produced by husband Sonny, reached number three in the UK in 1966?

3. Cher appeared in which 1969 film named after her and Sonny's daughter?

4. What was Cher's first US solo number one?

5. In which year did Sonny and Cher get divorced?

6. From whom did Cher seek a divorce in 1975, just ten days after their wedding?

7. Which UK artist made his US TV debut on Cher's show in 1975, singing a duet with her?

8. For which film was Cher nominated for an Oscar as Best Supporting actress in 1984?

9. Which 1987 single was Cher's first UK chart entry for nearly 14 years?

10. What did Cher wish she could turn back in 1989?

11. In 1998, which song gave Cher her second UK number one?

12. Why was her album 'It's a Man World' aptly titled?

13. Where was Cher walking in the title of a 1995 hit?

14. Under what pseudonym did Cher sing on the 1964 Phil Spector novelty number 'Ringo I Love You'?

15. What happened to Sonny the same week in April 1988 that Cher won an Oscar for Moonstruck?

16. What was the corny title of Cher's second solo album?



1. 'All I really Want to Do'

2. 'Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)'

3. Chastity

4. 'Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves'

5. 1974

6. Gregg Allman

7. David Bowie

8. Silkwood

9. 'I found Someone'

10. Time ('If I Could Turn Back Time')

11. 'Believe'

12. All the tracks were written and performed originally by men

13. Memphis

14. Bonnie Jo Mason

15. He was elected Mayor of Palm Springs

16. 'Sonny Side of Cher'