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Lyrics Quiz Questions

From which songs are the following lyrics taken:

1. 'Don't underestimate me, boy, I'll make you sorry you were born'

2. 'I want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep'

3. 'You fooled me with your kisses, you cheated and you schemed'

4. 'You gave me one good reason to leave me, I'll give you ten good reasons to stay'

5. 'Once bitten twice shy, I keep my distance but you still catch my eye'

6. 'We're a thousand miles apart and you know I love you'

7. 'We can try to understand the New York Times' effect on man'

8. 'Mirrors on the ceiling, pink champagne on ice'

9. 'I know the moment isn't right to hold my emotions inside'

10. 'And don't you make me beg for love, give a sign 'cause I need to know'

11. 'If you want my future forget my past'

12. 'I shouldn't known from the start before you got in my heart'

13. 'Even when the sun is shining I can't avoid the lightening'

14. 'Where did you go when things went wrong for you'

15. 'Acting upon reliable information, a federal deputation laid a deadly ambush'

16. 'I think of the days when the sun used to set on my empty heart, all alone in my bed'


 Lyrics Quiz Answers

1. 'Don't Call Me Baby' by Madison Avenue

2. 'New York, New York' by Frank Sinatra

3. '(You're the) Devil in Disguise' by Elvis Presley

4. 'Too Many Broken Hearts' by Jason Donovan

5. 'Last Christmas' by Wham!

6. 'Everything Changes' by Take That

7. 'Stayin' Alive' by The Bee Gees

8. 'Hotel California' by The Eagles

9. 'Leave a Tender Moment Alone' by Billy Joel

10. 'Heart and Soul' by T'Pau

11. 'Wannabe' by The Spice Girls

12. 'Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)' by the Backstreet Boys

13. 'Why Does It Always Rain on Me?' by Travis

14. 'Slight Return' by The Bluetones

15. 'The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde' by Georgie Fame

16. 'Waiting for Tonight' by Jennifer Lopez