1.  Which song links Anthony Newley and Donny Osmond?

2.  Who had the original hit with 'Guantanamera', revived in 1997 by Wyclef Jean featuring Refugee Allstars?

3.  Which Detroit Emeralds song did Shakin' Stevens cover in 1988?

4.  Which Survivor number one was covered by Frank Bruno in 1995?

5.  Which Teen band covered Neil Sedaka's 'Breaking Up Is Hard To Do' in 1972?

6.  David Whitfield, Frankie Laine and Barbara Dickson have all had hits with which song?

7.  Who covered The Searchers hit 'Needles and Pins' in 1977?

8.  Who had a hit with 'Somewhere' 33 years before the Pet Shop Boys?

9.  Who had the original hit with the Hollies' 'Searchin'?

10.  Which Beatles song did David Cassidy cover in 1974?

11.  Which Lesley Gore hit from the Sixties became a number one for Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin in 1981?

12.  Which TV cop had a number one by speaking his way through a Bread song?

13.  Bobby Darin and The Four Tops both had hits with which song in the Sixties?

14.  Who recorded the original version of 'I'm Doing Fine Now', a hit for the Pasadenas in 1992?

15.  What song links Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston?

16.  Sam Cooke and Johnny Nash both had hits with which song in the Sixties?



1.  'Why'

2.  The Sandpipers

3.  'Feel The Need In Me'

4.  'Eye Of The Tiger'

5.  The Partridge Family

6.  'Answer Me'

7.  Smokie

8.  P.J. Proby

9.  The Coasters

10.  'Please Please Me'

11.  'It's My Party'

12.  Telly Savalas ('If')

13.  'If I Were A Carpenter'

14.  New York City

15.  'I'm Every Woman'

16.  'Cupid'