1.  Which 1992 track allegedly recounting the joys of Ecstasy reached number one in the UK during Drug Awareness Week?

2.  Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe make up which duo?

3.  To which TV presenter is Toploader guitarist Dan Hipgrave married?

4.  Who reached the top of the charts in 1992 with 'Sleeping Satellite'?

5.  Who released the album 'Diva' in 1993?

6.  Who duetted with Mariah Carey on 'Endless Love'?

7.  Which boy band took a cover of a Dr Hook hit to the top of the UK charts in 1999?

8.  And what was the title of the song?

9.  Sarah Cracknell is the singer with which band?

10.  Who were 'Missing' in 1995?

11.  Which animated family had a number one single in 1991?

12.  Who had a 1996 UK number one single with 'I Feel You'?

13.  Who was the female singer with the Fugees before going solo?

14.  Which star of the TV docusoap The Cruise had a number one album in 1998?

15.  Which band went 'Dizzy' with Vic reeves in 1991?

16.  Which Super Furry Animals hit incorporated the name of Einstein's parents?



1.  'Ebenezer Goode' (Shamen)

2.  Basement Jaxx

3.  Gail Porter

4.  Tasmin Archer

5.  Annie Lennox

6.  Luther Vandross

7.  911

8.  'A Little Bit More'

9.  Saint Etienne

10.  Everything But The Girl

11.  The Simpsons ('Do The Bartman')

12.  Peter Andre

13.  Lauryn Hill

14.  Jane McDonald

15.  The Wonder Stuff

16.  'Hermann Loves Pauline'