1. What was the name of the smash movie about 70s superband Abba?

2. Which Bond girl starred with Elvis Presley in Fun in Acapulco?

3. Who danced with Gene Kelly in the Broadway Ballet section of Singin' In the Rain?

4. Who sang Thank Heaven for Little Girls in Gigi?

5. High Society was a musical version classic?

6. Which controversial figure directed the musical New York, New York?

7. In which film did Bi;; Haley sing Rock Around the Clock?

8. Who sang most of the soundtrack for The Bodyguard?

9. Who had a managerial role in Spiceworld?

10. Joel Grey won an Oscar for which role in the 70s classic Cabaret?

11. Who played Che in the film version of Evita?

12. Which Tim Burton film featured the hostile takeover of present delivery at Christmas?

13. Who played the Doctor in the musical film version of Doctor Doolittle?

14. Where is Gigi set?

15. Which tough guy actor played Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls?

16. Which star pf The King and I was born in Russia?

17. Who does Julie Andrews marry in The Sound of Music?

18. Which character sings On the Street Where You Live in My Fair Lady?

19. Which 70s film became a stage musical in London in 1998?

20. Which Gene was the Stinging Cowboy?

21. In which decade does the action of Grease take place?

22. Which English actor played the millionaire benefactor in Annie?

23. In which musical does Nurse Nellie Forbush appear?

24. Which of the many songs in Mary Poppins won the Oscar?

25. What was The Beatles' second film?

26. Which musical is the tale of a Jewish milkman in pre revolutionary Russia?

27. Who played Eva's husband in Evita?

28.Who led 'The Rhythm of Life' sequence in Sweet Charity?

29. Which 70s musical film was set in pre war Berlin?

30. Which Marilyn sang Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend?


1. Abba: The Movie

2. Ursula Andress

3. Cyd Charisse

4. Maurice Chevalier

5. The Philadelphia Story

6. Martin Scorsese

7. The Blackboard Jungle

8. Whitney Houston

9. Richard E Grant

10. Master of ceremonies

11. Antonio Banderas

12. The Nightmare Before Christmas

13. Rex Harrison

14. Paris

15. Marlon Brando

16. Yul Brynner

17. Baron Georg Von Trapp

18. Freddie Eynsford-Hill

19. Saturday Night Fever

20. Autry

21. 1950s

22. Albert Finney

23. South Pacific

24. Chim Chim Cheree

25. Help!

26. Fiddler on the Roof

27. Jonathan Pryce

28. Sammy David Jr.

29. Cabaret

30. Monroe