1. Who recorded the Immaculate Collection?

2. What was certainly  the debut album by Oasis?

3. Which Lionel sang with The Commodores?

4. In which US state was Elvis Presley's mansion?

5. What was the title of the first album form The Spice Girls?

6. I Will Always Love You was an early 90s hit for which superstar?

7. Alan, Jay and Donny were part of which 70's group?

8. Who first charted as a solo performer with Careless Whisper?

9. Which group is made up of Gibbs?

10. What instrument does Charlie Watts play in the Rolling Stones?

11. Who was the first to leave Take That?

12. Who teamed up with Barbra Streisand for Tell Him?

13. Who was the original lead singer with The Supremes?

14. How many people were in the original Queen?

15. Who became the most famous group formed in Colchester?

16. In which decade was Elton John's original Candle In The Wind a hit?

17. Baker, Bruce and Clapton formed which 60s supergroup?

18. In 1996 Robert Hoskins was convicted of stalking which star?

19. Which supergroup contains The Edge?

20. Who has recorded with Elton John, Queen, Lisa Stansfield and Toby Bourke?

21. Which band produced the mega selling album Rumours?

22. What was the first All Saints record to sell a million?

23. Visions Of Love was the first British top ten hit for which female superstar?

24. Which Hotel gave Elvis his first British chart hit?

25. Which group wrote the songs for the movie Saturday Night Fever?


1. Madonna

2. Definitely Maybe

3. Richie

4. Tennessee

5. Spice

6. Whitney Houston

7. The Osmonds

8. George Michael

9. The Bee Gees

10. Drums

11. Robbie Williams

12. Celine Dion

13. Diana Ross

14. Four

15. Blur

16. 70s

17. Cream

18. Madonna

19. U2

20. George Michael

21. Fleetwood Mac

22. Never Ever

23. Mariah Carey

24. Heartbreak

25. The Bee Gees