1. Which football anthem was co written by Skinner and Baddiel?

2. What is the surname of Oasis brothers Noel and Liam?

3. Who was Candle in the Wind 1997 dedicated to?

4. Which Zoo sang Spaceman in 1996?

5. In which drama series did chart toppers Robson & Jerome find fame?

6. Isaac, Taylor and Zac make up which boy band?

7. Who said 'Eh Oh' on their first smash hit?

8. Whose album of Urban Hymns hit the top spot?

9. Which 90s band were named after an area of London?

10. Knockin' On Heaven's Door was released after which 1996 tragedy?

11. Which single was released by Robson & Jerome and two years later by The Three Tenors?

12. Who was 'Older' in the 90s after a long running battle with Sony?

13. Who were Back for Good in 1995 before disbanding all together?

14. Whose death propelled Bohemian Rhapsody back in the charts?

15. Which Peter had a No.1 with Flava?

16. Who had a No.1 with Nilsson's Without You?

17. Who backed Katrina on her 1997 Eurovision winner?

18. Which Damon fronted Blur?

19. Who starred in and sang on the soundtrack of The Bodyguard

20. In Septmeber '98 Celine Dion released an album in which language?

21. Which toy provided Aqua with No.1?

22. Which country singer John died flying his plane in 1997?

23. Who had a daughter with Lourdes Maria in 1996?

24. Which band's name is a US emergency number?

25. Dana International won Eurovision 98 for which Middle East country?

26. Oasis were formed in which UK city?

27. Who had a huge hit with Drop Dead Gorgeous?

28. Which Darren appeared in the 90s version of Summer Holiday?

29. In which country were Blur formed?

30. My Heart Will Go On came from which smash hit film?


1. Three Lions

2. Gallagher

3. Diana, Princess of Wales

4. Babylon Zoo

5. Soldier Soldier

6. Hanson

7. Teletubbies

8. The Verve

9. East 17

10. Dunblane

11. You'll Never Walk Alone

12. George Michael

13. Take That

14. Freddie Mercury

15. Andre

16. Mariah Carey

17. The Waves

18. Albarn

19. Whitney Houston

20. French

21. Barbie

22. Denver

23. Madonna

24. 911

25. Israel

26. Manchester

27. Republica

28. Day

29. Essex

30. Titanic