1. Who went straight to the No.1 in 81 with Stand and Deliver?

2. What colour Door gave Shakin' Stevens an 80s hit?

3. Which ex Beatle had a hit with Stevie Wonder in 1982?

4. Whose album Thriller provided several hit singles?

5. Who was KC's backing Band?

6. Which Scot had a chart success after Esther Rantzen's The Big Time?

7. Which BBC Radio station banned Relax?

8. Ravel's Bolero carted because of which skaters' Olympic success?

9. Which actor Rober was named in a Bananarama song title?

10. Which Superstar Rat sang Love Me Tender?

11. Which Alison's nickname was Alf?

12. Which Elaine and Barbara  topped the charts in 1985?

13. Which Mrs Andrew Lloyd Webber had a hit with Pie Jesu?

14. David Bowie and Mick Jagger had a hit after which Concert?

15. Elton John charted with Nikita at the same time as Sting had which coincidental hit?

16. Who had hits as part of Visage and Ultravox?

17. Who told you that were In The Army Now?

18. Who fronted Culture Club?

19. Graham McPherson of Madness was known as what?

20. Which Kim reached No.2 in 1981, 24 years after dad Marty?

21. Which Spanish singer had the UK's first chat topper in Spanish?

22. David Sylvian was part of which Asian sounding band?

23. Who was the first ventriloquist in the charts with Orville?

24. Who teamed up with Annie Lennox in The Eurythmics?

25. Who was the then oldest man in the charts with New York New York?

26. Who joined Cliff Richard for his 80s Living Doll?

27. Which TV puppets sand The Chicken Song?

28. Which red haired Royal liked Lady in Red?

29. Which future England coach joined Waddle on Diamond Lights?

30. Who had a Xmas No.1 in 88 after 30 years in the charts?


1. Adam and the Ants

2. Green

3. Paul McCartney

4. Michael Jackson

5. Sunshine Band

6. Sheena Easton

7. Radio One

8. Torvill & Dean

9. Robert De Niro

10. Roland

11. Moyet

12. Paige, Dickson

13. Sarah Brightman

14. Live Aid

15. Russians

16. Midge Ure

17. Status Quo

18. Boy George

19. Suggs

20. Kim Wilde

21. Julio Inglesias 

22. Japan

23. Keith Harris

24. Dave Stewart

25. Frank Sinatra

26. The Young Ones

27. Spitting Image

28. Duchess of York

29. Hoddle

30. Cliff Richard