1. In which century did Catherine the Great rule in Russia?
  2. Which French Queen spent so wildly that she was known as 'Madame Deficit'?
  3. Who succeeded Queen Juliana as ruler of the Netherlands in 1980?
  4. Which British sovereign had the longest reign?
  5. Prince Albert of Liege succeeded to which throne in 1993?
  6. Which English Queen was nicknamed Brandy Nan?
  7. Which Swedish Queen did Greta Garbo play on screen?
  8. Queen Salote reigned from 1918 to 1965 over which island kingdom?
  9. In ancient times which country was ruled by the Moguls?
  10. In 1931, when Communist forces were strong in his country, Alfonso XIII has to abdicate. What was his country?
  11. To which powerful royal house did the Emperors Ferdinand I and Franz Joseph I of Austria belong?
  12. Who followed King David as King of Israel?
  13. Whom did Queen Elizabeth I succeed to the British throne?
  14. What happened to William II, Emperor of Germany, when he was defeated by the Allies in World War I?
  15. Where was Napoleon born?
  16. Which King of Prussia waged the Seven Years War in the 18th century?
  17. How were the English king Richard I and his successor King John related?
  18. Boris III was king of which country from 1918 to 1943?
  19. Which French King was called le Roi Soleil?
  20. Who was the enlightened King of Sardinia who became King of Italy when the states united in 1861?
  21. How many children did Queen Victoria and Prince Albert have?
  22. To which royal house did Louis XIV, Henry IV and Louis Philippe of France belong?
  23. Name the King of Jordan.
  24. Which King of England was the first Prince of Wales?
  25. King Umberto was deposed from the throne of which country in 1946?


  1. 18th century
  2. Marie Antoinette
  3. Queen Beatrix
  4. Queen Victoria
  5. Belgium
  6. Queen Anne
  7. Queen Christina
  8. Tonga
  9. India
  10. Spain
  11. Hapsburg
  12. Solomon
  13. Mary I
  14. He fled into exile in Holland
  15. Corsica
  16. Frederick the Great
  17. Brothers
  18. Bulgaria
  19. Louis XIV
  20. Victor Emmanuel
  21. Nine
  22. Bourbon
  23. King Hussein
  24. Edward II
  25. Italy