1. Which European explorer discovered the Hawaiian islands?
  2. Who beat Captain Robert Scott in the 'race' to the South Pole in 1911-12?
  3. Mary Kingsley was one of the first women explorers. Where did she travel?
  4. Which French naval officer and underwater explorer invented the aqualung?
  5. What nationality was explorer Ferdinand Magellan?
  6. Against which disease did Edward Jenner discover a vaccine?
  7. Who introducted potatoes and tobacco to England after his voyage of exploration?
  8. What was given the name the 'New World'?
  9. When Abel Tasman discovered Tasmania, what did he call it?
  10. Which United States President became an explorer at age 53 to trace the course of the South American Duvido River, now named after him?
  11. Prince Henry of Portugal earned what nickname because he involved himself with so many voyages of exploration?
  12. In 1947, Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl crossed the Pacific on a raft. What was it called?
  13. What name was given to the Spanish conquerors of large parts of south and central America in the 16th century?
  14. Which explorer travelled in a ship called the Santa Maria?
  15. David Livingstone disappeared while exploring Africa in the 1860s and Henry Stanley led an expedition to find him. What was Stanley's profession?
  16. What was crossed on foot for the first time in 1968-9?
  17. Who led the expedition that set sail in five ships; the Pelican, the Marigold, the Elizabeth, the Swan and the Christopher?
  18. In 1856 two Englishmen Richard Burton and John Speke, set out through the African continent to find the source of which river?
  19. Which part of the world was once known as the 'Dark Continent'?
  20. What action did Lawrence Oates take in 1912, believing that he was holding up the exploration team?
  21. Bartolomeu Dias called it the 'Cape of Storms'. What is it called now?
  22. What was the name of Yuri Gagarin's spaceship in 1961?
  23. In which land did Charles Doughty, T.E. Lawrence and Bertram Thomas travel and explore?
  24. What nationality was Abel Tasman?
  25. Terra Australia Incognita was the name given to the vast continent supposed, until the 18th century, to exist in the southern hemisphere. What does the name mean?


  1. James Cook
  2. Roald Amundsen
  3. West Africa
  4. Jacques Cousteau
  5. Portugese
  6. Smallpox
  7. Sir Walter Raleigh
  8. The newly discovered American continent
  9. Van Diemen's Land
  10. Theodore Roosevelt
  11. Henry the Navigator
  12. Kon-Tiki
  13. Conquistadors
  14. Christopher Columbus
  15. Journalist
  16. North Pole
  17. Sir Francis Drake
  18. The Nile
  19. Africa
  20. Walked out into a blizzard and disappeared
  21. Cape of Good Hope
  22. Vostok I
  23. Arabia
  24. Dutch
  25. Unknown southern land