1. During Prohibition, Americans drank illegally in clubs. What were these places called?
  2. Who spoke the first word in the first 'all singing, all dancing' film The Jazz Singer?
  3. What were 'Oxford bags'?
  4. By what nickname was French designer Gabrielle Chanel always known?
  5. Who followed the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz along with Dorothy and her dog?
  6. What discovery set off the fashions in clothes, fabrics and footwear known as Tutmania?
  7. What famous dance of the 1920s shared its name with a city in the southern United States?
  8. Which film cartoon character made his debut in Steamboat Willie in 1928?
  9. Who was the British Prime Minister when King Edward VIII abdicated?
  10. What was the other name for the men's fashion of knickerbockers?
  11. The struggle for votes for women was finally successful in Britain in 1918. What was the voting age for women at the time?
  12. The British called the fashion-concious young people of the 1920s 'bright young things'. What were they called in America?
  13. What film character was portrayed by American Olympic gold medallist swimmer Johnny Weissmuller?
  14. In which sport was Frenchwoman Suzanne Lenglen famous, delighting crowds with her fashionable outfits?
  15. Who was Ginger Rogers' famous dancing partner in musicals such a Top Hat?
  16. What were Kickin' the Mule, Truckin' and Peckin' the Apple?
  17. What type of skirt was a dirndl?
  18. What famous skyscraper with 102 stories was build in New York in 1931?
  19. One of the most famous gangland killings in the United States took place on the 14th February, 1929, when members of Al Capine's gang gunned down seven unarmed rivals. What was the killing known as?
  20. Which President of the United States brought in the 'New Deal' to revive the American Economy in the 1930s?
  21. What new fabric replaced rayon for stockings in 1930?
  22. German film maker Leni Riefenstahl was commissioned by Hitler to make a documentary of which event, aimed at glorifying Germans as the 'master race'?
  23. Which British Prime Minister promised that the treaty signed with Germany in September 1938 meant 'peace in our time' ?
  24. Who starred as the glamorous nightclub singer in The Blue Angel?
  25. What record did racing car driver Sir Malcolm Campbell break at Daytona Beach, Florida in 1932?


  1. Speak-easies
  2. Al Jolson
  3. Wide-legged trousers
  4. Coco
  5. The cowardly lion, the scarecrow and the tin man
  6. The tomb of Tutankhamen, the Egyptian boy king
  7. The Charleston
  8. Mickey Mouse
  9. Stanley Baldwin
  10. Plus-fours
  11. 30
  12. Flappers
  13. Tarzan
  14. Tennis
  15. Fred Astaire
  16. Dances
  17. A full skirt, loosely gathered onto a waistband
  18. Empire State Building
  19. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
  20. President Roosevelt
  21. Nylon
  22. The Berlin Olympic Games in 1936
  23. Neville Chamberlain
  24. Marlene Dietrich
  25. World land speed record