Wars and Battles History Quiz

Quiz Questions

1. Where in the world was the Thirty Years War fought?

2. In which country did the Boxer Rebellion take place?

3. In the Second Punic War, a Cathaginian general led a whole army, including elephants, across the Alps and defeated the Romans at Cannae. What was his name?

4. The house of York and Lancaster fought the War of the Roses. Which side had the white rose as its symbol?

5. In which war did Florence Nightingale lead a team of nurses?

6. Kaiser Wilhelm I was ruler of Germany when World War I broke our. What did the British nickname him?

7. The Boston Tea Party contributed to the start of which war?

8. Which English king was killed a the Battle of Hastings in 1066?

9. Who fought the 100 Years War?

10. What contribution did Copenhagen make to the Battle of Waterloo?

11. The battle of Spion Kop was fought in Natal in 1900 in which war?

12. At the battle of Passchendaele in 1917, the British forces suffered 265,000 dead and wounded and gained only a few kilometres of mud. Where is Passchendaele?

13. What type of weapon was a tomahawk, used by native North Americans?

14. In what year did the Russian Revolution take place?

15. Which war was named after an incident when an English sea captain lost an ear in a skirmish with the Spanish?

16. What were the two sides in the English Civil War called?

17. Which war was the longest in history?

18. What battle between the French and the English took place on St. Crispin's Day in 1415?

19. The film A Bridge too Far is about which battle?

20. After it had lost the War of American Independence, which part of North America did Britain retain?

21. Which famous English admiral died at the Battle of Trafalgar, living jus long enough to hear that the battle was a great victory?

22. Who sent the Armada to conquer England?

23. Which famous battle in the American Civil War was the beginning of the end for General Robert E. Lee and the Confederate forces?

24. What colour was the Confederate uniform in the American Civil War?

25. Who invaded England in 55BC?


Quiz Answers

1. Germany

2. China

3. Hannibal

4. York

5. Crimean War

6. Kaiser Bill

7. War of American Independence

8. Harold

9. France and England

10. Copenhagen was a horse, he carried the Duke of Wellington.

11. Boer War

12. Flanders

13. Short-handed axe or hatchet

14. 1917

15. The war of Jenkins' Ear

16. Cavaliers of Royalists and Roundheads or Parliamentarians

17. The Hundred Years War 1338-1453

18. Battle of Agincourt

19. Amhem

20. Canada

21. Nelson

22. Philip II of Spain

23. Gettysburg

24. Grey

25. The Romans under Julius Caesar