1.  What is the name given to the area of the Atlantic ocean where, since 1945, a number of ships and planes have disappeared without trace?

2.  Which cloth, believed by some to be Christ's winding sheet, has been housed in an Italian Cathedral since the 16th century?

3.  For what powers did Uri Geller become famous for in the 1970's?

4.  What do the initials UFO stand for?

5.  In the Christian tradition, what are stigmata?

6.  What is formed in space when a huge star collapses inwards?

7.  Some people believe that stone circles have special powers and are linked by lines of force carrying powerful psychic energy.  What are they called?

8.  Who might make a wax image of an enemy and stick pins in it?

9.  For what did the ship the Marie Celeste become famous for in 1872?

10.  What name is given to the strange cases where a person bursts into flames for no apparent reason and is incinerated in a matter of minutes?

11.  In the legend of The Flying Dutchman, a Dutch sea captain was condemned by God to sail the seas forever with a phantom crew.  What was his crime?

12.  A mysterious ape-man, similar to the Abominable Snowman, is sometimes sighted in North America.  What is it called?

13.  What name is given to the legendary creature who is half woman, half fish?

14.  Nostradamus is the most famous prophet and forecaster of the future of all time.  What was his home country?

15.  How were the white horses on the hillside of Uffington, Pewsey and Chervil in England made?

16.  The Fox sisters of New York State became famous in the last century for their apparent ability to contact the spirit world, though they later confessed to fraud. What is the worldwide movement that started from their supposedly supernatural demonstrations?

17.  Name the noisy spirit that causes loud disturbances, throwing things about, banging doors and so on.

18.  Hampton Court Palace in England is supposedly haunted by three of Henry VIII's wives.  Two of them are Catherine Howard and Jane Seymour.  Who is the third?

19.  What was the ideal kingdom described by Plato that was supposed to have vanished beneath the sea?

20.  What name is given to the phenomenon by which a person or object rises into the air with no means of support?

21.  What would you find at Carnac in Brittany, and in Britain at Avebury in Wiltshire and in 'Long Meg and her Daughters' in Cumbria?

22.  Reports of vampires were widespread in Europe in the 18th century.  According to tradition how must vampires be killed?

23.   Several religious legends are associated with Glastonbury in southern England, one of them being that Joseph of Arimathea came here after the death of Christ.  Which holy relic did he bring?

24.  Which famous American clairvoyant from Washington predicted the deaths of both John and Robert Kennedy?

25.  With which island is voodoo particularly associated?




1.  Bermuda Triangle

2.  Turin Shroud

3.  Metal-bending

4.  Unidentified Flying Object

5.  Bleeding from the sites of the wounds suffered by Christ on the cross

6.  A black hole

7.  Ley lines

8.  A witch or a practitioner of voodoo

9.  It was deserted ; no trace of the crew was ever discovered

10.  Spontaneous combustion

11.  Blasphemy

12.  Bigfoot

13.  Mermaid

14.  France

15.  They were carved into the turf of chalk hillsides

16.  Spiritualism

17.  Poltergeist

18.  Anne Boleyn

19.  Atlantis

20.  Levitation

21.  Standing Stones

22.  A stake through the heart

23.  The Holy Grail

24.  Jeanne Dixon

25.  Haiti