1. Name the Carthaginian general who defeated the Romans at the Battle of Cannae?

2. What sort of tax sparked the Peasants' Revolt in 1381?

3. Which country left the British Commonwealth in 1961?

4. Which famous Russian dissident was released from internal exile in 1986?

5. Which French leader is buried at Colombey les Deux Eglises?

6. Which King planted the New Forest?

7. Which laws of 1797 made trade unions punishable as a conspiracy? 

8. Which war lasted 116 years?

9. Who ordered the waves to go back?

10. Who raided Cadiz in 1587 and destroyed a large part on the Spanish fleet?

11. Who was Earl of Beaconsfield?

12. At which battle did Napoleon beat the Austrians?

13. In which battle was Nelson killed?

14. Of which country was Paul Keating Prime Minister?

15. What did the Romans call the Mediterranean sea?

1. Hannibal

2. A poll tax

3. South Africa

4. Andrei Sakharov

5. Charles de Gaulle

6. William I

7. The Combination Acts

8. The Hundred Years War

9. King Canute

10. Sir Francis Drake

11. Benjamin Disraeli

12. Marengo

13. Trafalgar

14. Australia

15. Mare Nostrum