Health and Fitness Quiz Questions

1. Where in the body mights cataracts and glaucoma be diagnosed?

2. Which human organ is affected by Alzheimer's disease?

3. Which is the most potent of the male sex hormones?

4. In what diseases does a haematologist specialise?

5. How many kidneys does a person have?

6. Which part of the body is operated on in a tracheotomy?

7. What is the name of the medical instrument which doctors use to listen to the inside of a body?

8. Which circular flow was first described by English doctor William Harvey in 1628?

9. What do people with Type 1 diabetes have to inject themselves with daily to keep alive?

10. What does a patient with amnesia suffer from?

11. Which short-bladed knife is used for surgical operations?

12. First used in 1955, which external mechanical process replaces the function of the kidneys?

13. Under which more common name is the nerve poison "botulin" known, when used for smoothing wrinkles?

14. What is a paediatrician's speciality?

15. Which three letters describe the relationship between body weight and body size?

16. What is the term for an eating disorder in which lack of appetite is caused by a pathological fear of being overweight?

Health and Fitness Quiz Answers

1. Your eyes

2. The brain

3. Testosterone

4. Blood

5. Two

6. The Throat

7. Stethoscope

8. Blood Circulatory System

9. Insulin

10. Loss of memory

11. Scalpel

12. Dialysis

13. Botox

14. Children's Medicine

15. BMI

16. Annorexia