1. Which long river has White and Blue tributaries?

2. Which religious leader is head of state of the Vatican?

3. Is Perth on the west or east coast of Australia?

4. In which country is Calgary?

5. Does Bombay or Tokyo have the higher population?

6. What sort of Snowman is another name for the Himilayan Yeti?

7. What is the world's smallest, flattest and driest continent?

8. Is Argentina in the northern or southern half of South America?

9. Pakistan and Bangladesh both border which country?

10. Which countries name is an anagram of PURE?

11. The West Indies lie in which Sea?

12. Zambia is a neighbour of which country which also begins with Z?

13. Which Egyptian canal links the Red Sea and the Mediterranean?

14. Is Ghana on the African coast or wholly islands?

15. Which ocean is the world's deepest?

16. In which country is the homeland of KwaZulu?

17. Who is commemorated at Washington's Lincoln Memorial?

18. Which US state has the zipcode (postcode) AZ?

19. New South Wales is in which country?

20. Which African desert is the world's largest?

21. Is Swaziland a monarchy or a republic?

22. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point of which continent?

23. Which US island state has the world's highest annual rainfall?

24. Which ocean lies to the east of South America?

25. Which Islamic Republic used to be called Persia?

26. Two thirds of Greenland lies in which Circle?

27. Is Namibia in northern or southern Africa?

28. Which country's head of state is Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti?

29. Which People's Republic has the world's largest population?

30. Alberta is a province of which country?



1. Nile

2. Pope

3. West

4. Canada

5. Bombay

6. Abominable

7. Australia

8. Southern

9. India

10. Peru

11. Caribbean

12. Zimbabwe

13. Suez

14. Coast

15. Pacific

16. South Africa

17. Abraham Lincoln

18. Arizona

19. Australia 

20. Sahara

21. Monarchy

22. Africa

23. Hawaii

24. Atlantic

25. Iran

26. Arctic Circle

27. Southern

28. Iraq

29. China

30. Canada