1. Which language other than English is an official language of the Channel Islands?

2. Which Tsar changed Russia's capital from Moscow to St Petersburg?

3. You would find Delphi on a map of which country?

4. What is farther north, Clacton or Brighton?

5. Which continent has an Ivory Coast?

6. On which island would you find the Giant's Causeway?

7. If you were on a French autoroute what type of road would you be on?

8. Which Gulf lies between Saudi Arabia and Iran?

9. Lake Superior is on the border of the USA and which other country?

10. Which tiny European landlocked state is a Grand Duchy?

11. Macedonia was formerly a part of which communist republic?

12. Which Himalayan kingdom has been called the world's highest rubbish dump because of waste left behind by climbers?

13. Which Australasian capital shares its name with a Duke and a boot?

14. Which river which flows through Germany is Europe's dirtiest?

15. Where would you be if you saw Nippon on the map?

16. Whose address is often referred to as Number Ten?

17. Which motorway goes past Stoke on Trent?

18. On which continent is the Basque country?

19. The Home Counties surround which city?

20. Malta is to the south of which island to the south of Italy?

21. The Ural Mountains mark the eastern frontier to which continent?

22. How is the London Orbital Motorway better known?

23. Is Moldova in Europe or Africa?

24. Which island republic lies to the north west of the UK?

25. Miami is a port in which US State?

26. Kew Gardens are next to which London river?

27. Which country has Lakes Garda, Maggiore and Como?

28. Is Madagascar an island or is it an Afican peninsula?

29. In which city is Red Square?

30. Which country's official languages are Hebrew and Arabic?



1. French

2. Peter the Great

3. Greece

4. Clacton

5. Africa

6. Ireland

7. Motorway

8. Persian Gulf

9. Canada

10. Luxembourg

11. Yugoslavia

12. Nepal


14. Rhine

15. Japan

16. Prime Minister

17. M6

18. Europe

19. London

20. Sicily

21. Europe

22. M25

23. Europe

24. Iceland

25. Florida

26. Thames

27. Italy

28. Island

29. Moscow

30. Israel