1. In which country could you find Jerez?

2. How would you travel if you left for France from a hoverport?

3. Eurostar trains run from London to which Belgian city?

4. In which country is Cologne?

5. Does London or Rome have the higher population?

6. The province of Flanders is in which country?

7. Which landlocked country is divided into cantons?

8. In which city would you find the Parthenon?

9. Bohemia is part of which Republic, formerly part of Czechoslovakia?

10. Is Schiphol an airport or a river in the Netherlands?

11. In which country is Estoril?

12. Where in the Black Forest?

13. What type of country is Monaco?

14. Andorra lies between France and which other country?

15. In which Sea does Cyprus lie?

16. Belarus and Ukraine were formerly part of which huge republic?

17. What is the English name for the city known to Italians as Venezia?

18. Is Sweden a kingdom or republic?

19. Vienna lies on which river?

20. Is Ibiza part of the Canaries or the Balearics?

21. In which Circle does  about a third of Finland lie?

22. The Hague is the seat of the government of which country?

23. Crete and Corfu belong to which country?

24. Which Scandinavian country is opposite Norway and Sweden?

25. Is Europe the second largest or the second smallest continent?

26. Which country marks the most westerly point of mainland Europe?

27. The Iberian Peninsula consists of Portugal and which other country?

28. Which French city is Europe's largest?

29. What are the Balkans, the Apennines and the Pyreness?

30. Which island is known the the French as Corse?



1. Spain

2. Hovercraft

3. Brussels

4. Germany

5. London

6. Belgium

7. Switzerland

8. Athens

9. Czech Republic

10. Airport

11. Portugal

12. Germany

13. Principality

14. Spain

15. Mediterranean

16. USSR

17. Venice

18. Kingdom

19. Danube

20. Balearics

21. Arctic Circle

22. Netherlenads

23. Greece

24. Denmark

25. Second smallest

26. Portugal

27. Spain

28. Paris

29. Mountain ranges

30. Corsica