Worktime Teaser TV Quiz Questions

1. 'Thank You For Being A Friend' was the theme to which 1980s sitcom?

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar became famous playing a high school student fighting evil demons, what was the series?

3. Which TV channel bought the rights to Nationwide League football, but collapsed in 2002?

4. Which 1991 film sequel starred Arnold Schwarzeneggar and was advertised under the slogan: 'It's Nothing Personal'?

5. Who was the original host of 'Through the Keyhole'?

6. Which '50s throwback' from 'Shooting Stars' went on to present 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks'?

7. In what century was the 1960s series of 'Star Trek' set?

8. On which 1990s programme did ex-West Bromich Albion player Jeff Astle appear weekly singing weakly?

9. Ron Howard, the director of the acclaimed film 'Apollo 13', used to play the character Richie Cunningham in which 1970s sitcom?

10. Who wrote the much filmed and televised 'Doctor' books, starting with 'Doctor in the House' in 1952?

11. Who created and was the central star of 'The Office'?

12. Which of these spy series ran for the greatest number of episodes?

13. What was the title of ITVs reality show in 2002 that featured modern youth experiencing Army discipline from the days of National Service?

14. Who played the Headmistress of St Trinian's in the classic 1950s movies?

15. Ivan Owen created and operated which hugely successful TV puppet?




1. The Golden Girls

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

3. ITV Digital

4. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

5. David Frost

6. Mark Lamarr

7. The 23rd Century

8. Fantasy Football League

9. Happy Days

10. Richard Gordon

11. Ricky Gervais

12. 'Mission: Impossible' (171 episodes against 105 for 'The Man From UNCLE' and 52 for 'The Protectors')

13. 'Lad's Army'

14. Alastair Sim

15. Basil Brush