1. Which Australian goalkeeper moved from Manchester United to Chelsea in 2001?

2. Ricardo Tavarelli and Aldo Bobadilla were the goalkeepers in which country's squad for the 2001 Copa America?

3. For which country does Middlesborough's Mark Schwarzer play?

4. Which goalkeeper saved three penalties in the shoot-out at the 2001 Champions' League final?

5. Who started his playing career with Chesterfield in 1955 and went on to win 73 England caps?

6. Which two goalkeepers have captained Italy to victory in the World Cup?

7. For which club side were they both playing at the time?

8. Who was Argentina's goalkeeper in the 1990 World Cup final?

9. For which Italian club does Brazil's international keeper Dida play?

10. What nationality is Preston keeper Teuvo Moilanen?

11. Steven Phillips was the regular goalkeeper for which Second Division team in 2000-1?

12. For which country has Bernard Lama played international football?

13. Which Canadian keeper is on West Ham's books?

14. Who kept goal for Northern Ireland in their World Cup qualifier away to the Czech Republic in June 2001?

15. In which year did Peter Shilton win his record-breaking 109th cap for England?

16. Who were England's opponents in that game?




1. Mark Bosnich

2. Paraguay

3. Australia

4. Oliver Kahn

5. Gordon Banks

6. Gianpiero Combi (1934) and Dino Zoff ( 1982)

7. Juventus

8. Sergio Goycochea 

9. Milan

10. Finnish

11. Bristol City

12. France

13. Craig Forrest

14. Malik Taylor

15. 1989

16. Denmark