1. Golfer Colin Mongomerie is a big fan of which Premiership club?

2. Which team won the Irish League six seasons in a row either side of the war between 1936 and 1948?

3. Which club won the Auto Windscreens Shield in 2000?

4. In which year did Scotland fans tear down the goalposts at Wembley?

5. Which star of the 1970s TV show The Comedians was a hard man with Doncaster Rovers in 1950s?

6. Which member of Spurs' 1981 Cup final squad had a musical dream?

7. Which song did the England World Cup Squad take to numer one in the charts in 1970?

8. Who were Wimbledon's first opponents in a Football League game?

9. Which club were thrown out of the 1999 Irish Cup for fielding an ineligible player in the semi-finals?

10. Who were awarded the Cup in their place?

11. Who won the League of Wales in 2001?

12. Who finished runners-up?

13. Which former Everton player was nicknamed 'Inchy'?

14. IN what colour shirts do the Australian national team play?

15. For kicking which Argentinian player was David Beckham sent off at the 1998 World Cup?

16. Which manager moved from the Norwegian fjords to South London in June 1999?




1. Leeds United

2. Belfast Celtic

3. Stoke City

4. 1977

5. Charlie Williams

6. Osvaldo Ardiles

7. 'Back Home'

8. Halifax Town

9. Cliftonville

10. Portadown

11. Barry Town

12. Cwmbran

13. Adrian Heath

14. Gold with green trim

15. Diego Simeone

16. Egil Olsen