1. Which Second Division team were beaten by Ryman Leaguers Canvay Island in the 2000-1 FA Cup?

2. Who scored twice for Manchester United in their 1963 FA Cup final victory over Leicester City?

3. Who scored Ipswich Town's winning Cup final goal against Arsenal?

4. Which London League club was put out of the FA Cup four times by non-League opponents between 1958 and 1965?

5. For which three clubs did Ian Callaghan play in the FA Cup?

6. Which team finished a lowly 19th  in Division Two in 1948-9 but still reached that year's Cup final?

7. For which club did Jeff Astle score in every round in 1968?

8. Who are the only Football League club to have played FA Cup ties in all four home countries?

9. Which Chelsea player was the only one-eyed man ever to appear in an FA Cup final?

10. Who earned an FA Cup winners' medal with Charlton Athletic but never playoff a League game for the club?

11. Who scored Newcastle's goal in their 2-1 defeat by Hereford in 1972?

12. Which club lost three FA Cup finals in the 1960s?

13. What nationality was Tottenham's goalkeeper in the 1991 final?

14. Who went 16 FA Cup finals in the 1960s?

15. Which member of the 1951 Blackpool Cup final side was still an amateur?

16. And which side did he captain to victory nine years later?

1. Port Vale

2. David Herd

3. Roger Osbourne

4. Millwall

5. Liverpool, Swansea City and Crewe Alexandra

6. Leicester City

7. West Bromwich Albion

8. Nottingham Forest

9. Bob Thompson

10. Arthur Turner

11. Malcolm Macdonald

12. Norwegian (Erik Thorstvedt)

13. Leicester City

14. Leeds United

15. Bill Slater

16. Wolves