1. When were Cambridge United elected to the Football League?

2. In which year was the FA Cup final first played at Crystal Palace?

3. In which year did the European Cup winners first come from from outside the Iberian peninsular?

4. When were Leeds City expelled from the Football League?

5. In which year was the FA Cup final first televised?

6. In which year did the first-ever floodlit match take place, at Bramall Lane, Sheffield?

7. In which year was Paul Scholes sent off for England against Sweden>

8. In which year did Manchester United complete their first League and FA Cup double?

9. When did Aberdeen become the first British club to provide all-seater accommodation?

10. In which year did a foreign manager lift the FA Cup for the first time?

11. In which year did the white ball come into official use?

12. In which year were end-of-season play-offs introduced by the Football League?

13. In which year did goal difference replace goal average in the Football League?

14. In which year did Neil Young win the FA Cup for Manchester City?

15. In which year did Jimmy Hill act as replacement linesman at Highbury in a First Division match?

16. In which year did the Germans win their first World Cup?



1. 1970

2. 1895

3. 1963

4. 1919

5. 1937

6. 1878

7. 1999

8. 1994

9. 1978

10. 1997 (Ruud Gullit)

11. 1951

12. 1987

13. 1976

14. 1969

15. 1972

16. 1954