1. Which country is the world's largest producer of cheese?
  2. How many bottles of Champagne are there in a magnum?
  3. From which country does 'Blood's Blood' come?
  4. What type of milk does into Roquefort cheese?
  5. Commandaria St. John is the oldest known named wine and has been made since the 12th century. In which country is it made?
  6. What do wine buffs call the scent given off by wine?
  7. The bland cheese called Baby Bel was invented in 1931 in which country?
  8. In which country are the wine=producing areas of Little Karoo, Ladysmith, Worcester and Montagu?
  9. Which type of wine usually accompanies fish.
  10. What word is used to describe a wine with a high alcohol content?
  11. What do the Portuguese call the 'Englishman's wine'? 
  12. Which cheese, eaten all over the world, is transported in cylindrical wood-chip boxes?
  13. What colour grapes are used to make white wine?
  14. The Rhenish wine, hock, takes it name from which German town?
  15. What type of cheese is Dolcelatte.
  16. How should bottles of wine be stored?
  17. Which hard cheese is made from unpasteurised milk in certain provinces of the Po valley in Italy and matured from one to four years?
  18. What does Appellation Origine Controllee on a bottle of French wine signify?
  19. What is a non-vintage wine?
  20. What is stored in a bodega?
  21. Which European country is the world's largest wine producer?
  22. What type of cheeses are native American products such as Colby, Monterey Jack and Tillamook?
  23. The quality of champagne, which is made only in a small area of France, is due to the great depth of what soil?
  24. When sold in the United States, the Italian cheese Bel Paese has a map of the western hemisphere on the packet. What does the British packaging show?
  25. Which English cheese, factory-made as early as 1870, is better known in its sage-flavoured, green coloured version than its original form?


  1. United States
  2. Two
  3. Hungary
  4. Ewe's milk
  5. Cyprus
  6. Bouquet
  7. France
  8. South Africa
  9. Dry white wine
  10. Robust
  11. Port
  12. Camembert
  13. Any colour
  14. Hochheim, on the River Main
  15. Soft blue cow's milk cheese
  16. On their sides, preferably in the dark
  17. Parmesan
  18. It is a guarantee that quality wine comes from a defined area
  19. A blend of wine from different years
  20. Sherry
  21. Italy
  22. Cheddar
  23. Chalk
  24. Map of Italy
  25. Derby