French Cuisine - Food and Drink Quiz

1. What type of soup is a Julienne?

2. The Italians and Americans call them Zucchini. What do the French and British call them?

3. At what stage of the meal would you eat a charlotte?

4. Which region of France is the original home of Calvados?

5. What type of delicious food are the French lunges de chat?

6. What name is given to a pan of hot water which stands on top of the cooker in which other pans stand, so that their contents will cook gently?

7. What is Coquille St. Jaques a fancy name for?

8. What is the head waiter in a French restaurant called?

9. How is a drink served when it is described as Frappe?

10. What name is given to a ham and cheese sandwich dipped in beaten egg and deep-fried?

11. When food is cooked en croûte, what does it mean?

12. What is the difference between pommes and pommes de terre?

13. What have you ordered if a thin pancake is cooked in butter, sugar, orange juice and Caraçao, and then flambéed at your table?

14. Petit fours means literally 'little ovens', but what are they?

15. What is the main ingredient of a soufflé?

16. In a French restaurant, what describes a dish that is specially recommended that day?

17. Bénédictine has been made by the Bénédictine order since the 16th century. On what is it based?

18. At what stage of the meal would you eat cassoulet?

19. What is a sorbet?

20. How is boeuf bourguignon cooked?

21. What type of stew is navarin?

22. What is the most famous guise to the best restaurants in France called?

23. What is clafouti?

24. If you ordered carré d'agneau, what would be served?

25. François-René de Chateaubriand was a novelist, poet and politician. What type of food was named after him?


Quiz Answers

1. Clear soup with thin strips of vegetables

2. Courgettes

3. Dessert

4. Normandy

5. Biscuits

6. Bain-marie

7. Scallops

8. Maitre d'hôtel

9. With finely crushed ice

10. Croque Monsieur 

11. In a crust, food inside pastry

12. The first are apples, the second potatoes

13. Crêpes Suzette

14. Small cakes or biscuits 

15. Egg whites

16. Plat du jour

17. Cognac

18. Main course; it is a meat and bean stew

19. Water-ice

20. Braised in red Burgundy

21. Lamb or mutton, with vegetables

22. Guide Michelin

23. Thick, batter pancakes

24. Rack of lamb

25. Thick fillet of beef.