Food and Drink - The Hard Stuff Quiz

Quiz Questions

1. What is the meaning of the Dutch word brandeuwijn from which we take our word Brandy?

2. From which fruit is Calvados made?

3. Which drink has been known as 'Dutch Courage' and 'Mother's ruin'?

4. Between 1740 and 1970 British sailors received a daily ration of grog. What is grog?

5. What is the name of the Japanese spirit made from rice which is served warm?

6. Schnapps is made in Germany from potatoes. What is used for flavouring? 

7. Where did the American whiskey 'Bourbon' get its name?

8. What is added to gin to make pink gin?

9. Bottles of spirits should be stored upright. Why?

10. Advocat is a low-alcohol liqueur made from brandy, sugar and what other important ingredient?

11. Cognac can be made only in a specific area of France. Where can brandy be made?

12. The fermented molasses left over fro the sugar-refining process is used in the manufacture which spirits?

13. A popular Yorkshire liqueur flavoured with herbs is named after the Brontë sisters. On which spirit is it based?

14. In which country is Geneva gin made?

15. What colourless liqueur is made from cherries?

16. Poteen is an illegally distilled spirit made in the west of Ireland. What is it made of?

17. What colour is the Italian liqueur Galliano?

18. Atholl Brose is made from malt whiskey, distilled oatmeal, honey and what else?

19. What do the letters VSOP on a bottle of brandy stand for?

20. Southern Comfort is a popular American liqueur with a bad of Bourbon whiskey and a fruit flavouring. Which fruit?

21. What is the flavouring of Pernod, the French spirit that turns milky when water is added?

22. Which liqueur is made from the peel of small bitter oranges?

23. What type of spirit is Bacardi?

24. A well-known Balkan spirit is made from plums. What is it called?

25. How old must Scotch whisky be before it can be sold in the U.K.? 


Quiz Answers

1. Burnt Wine

2. Apples

3. Gin

4. A mixture of rum and water 

5. Sake

6. Caraway seeds

7. It was first made in Bourbon County. Kentucky.

8. Angostura bitters

9. To prevent the liquid coming in contact with the metal cap

10. Egg yolks

11. Anywhere in the world

12. Rum

13. Brandy

14. Holland

15. Kirsch

16. Potatoes

17. Yellow

18. Cream

19. Very Special Old Pale

20. Peach

21. Aniseed

22. Curaço

23. White rum

24. Silvovitz

25. Three years