1.  In what foodstuff is gluten found?

2.  Which vitamin do children with rickets lack?

3.  In 1897 a Swiss doctor invented a breakfast food which was a mixture or grain, fruit and nuts.  What is it called?

4.  TVP is a meat substitute.  What do the initials stand for?

5.  Babies are born with quite soft bones.  What do we give them to provide calcium to harden the bones?

6.  What is the name of the mild-flavoured bean curd which looks rather like white blancmange?

7.  In which foods is vitamin C mainly found?

8.  Why do we pasteurise milk?

9.  What re the names of the substances that make up proteins?

10.  What name is given to a diet that cuts out all food known to cause allergic reaction or sensitivity?

11.  Carrots supply carotene from which the body can make which vitamin?

12.  What type of food is Quark?

13.  The 'Zen' diet is based on foods divided into two basic groups, Yin and Yang, representing negative and positive elements.  What is the other name for the diet?

14.  Scurvy is caused by the lack of which vitamin into the body?

15.  What is the name given to the eating disorder leading to dramatic weight loss?

16.  Vegemite, especially popular in Australia, is one of the richest known sources of B complex vitamins.  What is it?

17.  Carob is used as a health-conscious substitute for what?

18.  The additive tartrazine has been linked with hyperactivity in children.  What is it?

19.  Liver is high in which vitamin.

20.  Which disease results from iron deficiency?

21.  Cirrhosis of the liver is linked with what?

22.  The 'Chinese Restaurant Syndrome' is the name given to dizziness and headaches caused by eating a lot of food with what additive?

23.  Vegans are at risk of a shortage of which vitamin?

24.  What enables the body to make vitamin D?

25.  In healthy eating, what do the initials RDI stand for?




1.  Wheat

2.  Vitamin D

3.  Muesli

4.  Textured vegetables protein

5.  Milk

6.  Tofu

7.  Fresh fruit and vegetables

8.  To destroy harmful bacteria

9.  Amino acids

10.  Elimination diet

11.  Vitamin A

12.  Low-fat cheese

13.  Macrobiotic

14.  Vitamin C

15.  Anorexia nervosa

16.  Yeast extract

17.  Chocolate

18.  Yellow colouring

19.  Vitamin A

20.  Anaemia

21.  Heavy drinking and malnutrition

22.  Monosodium glutamate

23.  Vitamin B12

24.  When sunlight falls on the skin

25.  Recommended daily intake