1. Happy Talk and Some Enchanted Evening are songs from which 1958 musical?

2. In which 1952 film does James Stewart play Buttons, a circus clown?

3. In which of the Crosby/Hope Road films do Joan Collins and Peter Sellers make cameo appearances?

4. Which 1964 Stanley Kubrick film starring Peter Sellers had the alternative title, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb?

5. Which Swedish actress and former model was at one time married to Peter Sellers?

6. In which town in England was Michael Caine's 1971 cult movie Get Carter filmed?

7. In the 1985 movie Fletch, who plays investigative reporter I. M. Fletcher in the title role?

8. In which 1969 anti-war musical did Sir Richard Attenborough make his directing debut?

9. In the 1978 Superman movie, which cinema icon plays Superman's father Jor-El?

10. In which 1972 movie does a crewman say to the captain (Leslie Neilson): 'I never saw anything like it - an enormous wall of water coming towards us'?

11. Who played Captain Philip Francis Queeg in The Caine Mutiny?

12. Who directed the 1984 film Paris, Texas?

13. In which 1953 musical does Howard Keel star as Wild Bill Hickok opposite Doris Day?

14. Frank Langella is best known for playing the title role in which 1979 horror movie?

15. Madonna was tempestuously married to which acts, whose movies include Taps (1981) and Bad Boys (1983)? 



1. South Pacific

2. The Greatest Show on Earth

3. The Road to Hong Kong

4. Dr. Strangelove

5. Britt Eckland

6. Newcastle

7. Chevy Chase

8. Oh! What a Lovely War

9. Marlon Brando

10. The Poseidon Adventure

11. Humphrey Bogart

12. Wim Wenders

13. Calamity Jane

14. Dracula

15. Sean Penn