1. Which artist cut off the lobe of his own ear and later shot himself?
  2. What nationality were Brueghel and Rubens?
  3. Which painter had a 'blue period'?
  4. In which type of paintings did Sir Joshua Reynolds specialise?
  5. Which legendary artist produced two versions of The Madonna of the Rocks between 1483 and 1508?
  6. What is the largest oil painting in the world?
  7. Where in Britain does Graham Sunderland's tapestry Christ in His Majesty hang?
  8. Which famous painting by Leonardo de Vinci is also known as La Gioconda?
  9. What was the great painter Michaelangelo's other name?
  10. The French impressionist Edgar Degas is noted for his paintings of horse racing and what other subject?
  11. Which actor played Henri Toulouse-Lautrec in the film Moulin Rouge?
  12. The Thinker and The Kiss were among the works of which sculptor?
  13. Which English landscape artist painted The Hay Wain and Flatford Mill?
  14. What style of painting, in which the subject is reduced to basic geometric shapes, was founded by Picasso and Braque?
  15. Domenikos Theotocopoulos was a Greek-born painter who studied under Titan and then lived and worked in Spain. Under what name is he better known?
  16. To which school of painting did Dante Gabriel Rossetti belong?
  17. Sir Jacob Epstein established himself as a sculptor in Britain after studying in Paris. Where was he born?
  18. To which school of painting did Claude Monet belong?
  19. Canaletto was famous for his paintings of which city?
  20. Who designed St. Paul's Cathedral in London, UK?
  21. Which artist was commissioned by the Italian city of Florence, to sculpt the figure of David?
  22. What nationality was the painter Goya?
  23. The French painter Paul Gauguin went to live and paint on a Pacific Island. Which island was it?
  24. For what subject was the painter Stubbs best known?
  25. In which branch of the arts did Barbara Hepworth achieve fame?


  1. Vincent van Gogh
  2. Flemish
  3. Picasso
  4. Portraits
  5. Leonardo de Vinci
  6. Paradise by Tintoretto
  7. Coventry Cathedral
  8. Mona Lisa
  9. Buonarroti
  10. Ballet dancers
  11. Jose Ferrer
  12. Rodin
  13. John Constable
  14. Cubism
  15. El Greco
  16. Pre-Raphaelite
  17. United States
  18. Impressionists
  19. Venice
  20. Sir Christopher Wren
  21. Michelangelo
  22. Spanish
  23. Tahiti
  24. Racehorses
  25. Sculpture