Entertainment - General Knowledge Quiz 4 (15 questions)

1. The name of which rock and roll band of the late 1970's and early 1980's stood for Knights in the Service of Satan?

2. What as the name of the family pet lion in the TV series The Addams Family?

3. In which 1962 Gene Chandler hit is the word 'Duke' sung 132 times?

4. A pop superstar in his own right, who was the only artist to have toured with Elvis Presley, the Beatles and The Eagles?

5. Who played Queen Charlotte opposite Nigel Hawthorne's King George III in the movie The Madness of King George?

6. For which newspaper does Clark Kent (Superman) work?

7. At which film festival is the Golden Palm awarded for the best film?

8. Who was born at 1112 North Jay Street, Tacoma, Washington on May 2, 1904?

9. Who played Mork of Ork in the TV series Mork and Mindy?

10. Whose son was record producer Terry Melcher who had previously owned the house where Sharon Tate was killed by the Charles Manson clan?

11. Who played Lt. Felix Unger In the TV series The Odd Couple?

12. You're Still the One was a hit for which pop star?

13. Which was the first musical to have its sound track released on a record album?

14. Who made her film debut in 1941 in the Argentinian movie Only the Valiant?

15. On the banks of the Wabash is the official song of which US state?


Entertainment - General Knowledge Quiz 4 Answers

1. Kiss

2. Kit Kat

3. Duke of Earl

4. Roy Orbison

5. Helen Mirren

6. Daily Planet

7. Cannes

8. Bing Crosby

9. Robin Williams

10. Doris Day

11. Tony Randall

12. Shania Twain

13. Oklahoma

14. Eva Duarte (Eva Peron)

15. Indiana